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In 1976, the University of California San Francisco campus of Bishop (Bishop, JM), and Varmus (Varmus, HE) in the different birds found in normal cells of cancer with v-src genes are highly similar, they therefore speculate that these genes may also be linked to cancer, and speculated that perhaps there are more animal genes in these fragments. Further study confirmed their guess, these genes widely found in fish and to people from almost all vertebrate cells, and has considerable similarity. So they put these genes known as the "cancer gene" (c-onc). The breadth of these genes and the similarity is sufficient to show that they had in the normal genome component of the virus cancer gene's role is to enter the cells or alter cell activation genes, ultimately leading to cancer.

In 1976, the University of California San Francisco campus of Bishop (Bishop, JM), and Varmus (Varmus, HE) in the different birds found in normal cells


With the v-src genes are highly similar, they speculate that these genes may therefore also with cancer, and speculated that perhaps there are more animal genes in these fragments. Further study confirmed their guess, these genes widely found in fish and to people from almost all vertebrate cells, and has considerable similarity. So they put these genes known as the "cancer gene" (c-onc). The breadth of these genes and the similarity is sufficient to show that they had in the normal genome component of the virus cancer gene's role is to enter the cells or alter cell activation genes, ultimately leading to cancer.

Cancer - About Cancer

German physician, Nobel Prize winner in 1931 OttoHeinrichWarburg (Gu Boge) professor found that when human tissue cells in normal oxygen content below 65%, the oxygen-deficient cancer cells, it is easy to create the hypoxic disease (cancer) study. Dr. OttoHeinrichWarburg theory that healthy cells in the hypoxic environment, allows the cells to become cancer cells, but just lead to acidification of body fluids dissolved oxygen decline, He was a trial to prove the point, while the Nobel prize. Habermas's theory of love is referred to as alkaline cells, the accumulation of acidic waste is usually near death, but there is willing to change the chromosome in order to survive in the acidic environment, this is the beginning of cancer. Cancer prevention tips are very simple things as basic food in order to prevent the accumulation of acid waste, because the acidification of the fluid environment is fertile ground for normal cell cancerous, adjust the pH balance of body fluids, a Swiss scholars believe that the third species to prevent cancer effective way. Food capture cancer therapy combined with natural therapies. We made that cancer, the first problem to be solved is: What is cancer? Even if the answer to this question has also gone through a thousand years time.


First to describe cancer that the ancient Egyptians, medical historians believe they have the records of papyrus on the content of benign and malignant tumors. Today, the word in English comes from the Greek carcinoma karkinos, meaning "new biology." Vision into a microscope and cell biology to lay before the theory, people often can not show some common cancers and other diseases to distinguish. Cell pathology in the Virchow founded after generation after generation of cancer pathologist made a lot of observation, summarized the performance of law pathology of cancer, as today's gold standard for clinical doctors to determine. First, the "cancer" in the general sense of the term can refer to any malignant tumor, but there in the pathology of a narrower meaning - is derived from epithelial tissue (mostly covered the surface of the body cavity in the body tissue, but also constitute the major part of an organ such as liver, etc.) the general term for all malignant tumors, while malignant tumors of other tissue sources, we often referred to as "sarcoma" (such as osteosarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, etc.), in addition to some other malignant tumor as reasons to disregard the conventional rules of these names, such as the blood system cancer known as leukemia, a malignant tumor of the lymphatic system is known as Hodgkin disease for convenience, use this article on "cancer" word to refer to malignant tumor. In general, all the cancer from our body's own cells, is abnormal proliferation of these cells formed by some of the new biology, and normal tissue are different, is not subject to the body that control proliferation, resulting new organization does not have normal tissue function, it consumes the most important activities is to keep the body's resources, misuse of space and more rapid proliferation of the.

We already know that, because the use of Zi Yuan and the available body space is limited, so only if necessary when (Biru trauma, maintain daily Huo Dong Zhong loss of cells), specific Bu Wei's cell Caihui in under some signal of Zuoyong division to meet the functional needs of proliferation. These growth signals often come from other cells by a series of incoming transmission mechanism within the target cells, ultimately by changing the gene expression of these cells to enter the division cycle. Therefore, the cell is a cancer of the problem of reconciling the answer must be only by studying these genes Hang Wei's changes before it can be.

First discovered the cancer may be related to genetic evidence from the epidemiological, Zaoqi the survey found, the compatriots in the last generation or some relatives who have cancer of the people, the incidence of cancer than people without family history Zhezhong higher number. Since then, more in some multiple endocrine tumors found in the family, the members of their offspring have a much larger opportunity for the occurrence of such tumors, which further suggested that at least some of the tumor is directly related to genetic. However, the same epidemiological research suggests that environmental factors also seem closely related to cancer, possibly the earliest known example is the 1775 a British surgeon P. Porter proposed inclusion on the chimney and scrotal cancer relations report, he pointed out that the occurrence of scrotal cancer in later boys, most of them worked for the sweep. After that, the other a number of substances have been found with a considerable variety of cancer link, therefore, in the genetic and environmental hazards in the end who is the cancer of the culprit on this issue Zengjing undergoing considerable controversy. Beginning of the 20th century, another possible mechanism, a new start coming into sight, this is a virus.

911 P. Andrews (Peyton.Rous) fibrosarcoma in chicken tissues found a virus, it can in the medium category fibroblast cells


Malignant transformation like the transformation of normal chickens after transfection can lead to tumors. Therefore, Ruth suggested the virus may also cause human cancer. Thus, the list of possible suspects one more suspect object, oncologists have the academic background and personal interest in these theories hold one end of each, into a seemingly never ending lengthy debate. 20th century 50's double helix model of DNA to molecular biology life science into the era of almost all biological disciplines are subject to the influence of this epoch-making discovery, cancer research is no exception. In 1958, two University of California, Berkeley, researchers first explained Ruth sarcoma virus belongs to the retrovirus, and further found that the reason the virus can cause cancer, is due to fragments of viral genes into the genome of infected persons, This whole and ultimately lead to their genetic behavior of those infected appeared cell changes and cancer. Thus, they can cause cancer of this kind of virus gene fragments known as the "virus cancer gene" (v-onc), and because the gene is induced chicken fibrosarcoma, so it was named "sarcoma virus gene" ( v-src). This conclusion is confirmed by Andrews on the virus may cause cancer, hypotheses, this, in 1966, the Nobel Foundation will award prize money that year biomedical Ruth. However, subsequent research has not more directly support such retroviral infection caused by cancer, so until the late 70s, on the virus, the relationship between cancer genes and cancer, the argument has also been a lot of people as a premature hypothesis .

By 1976, the University of California San Francisco campus of Bishop (Bishop, JM), and Varmus (Varmus, HE) in the different birds found in normal cells with the v-src genes are highly similar, they therefore speculate that these genes may also be linked to cancer, and speculated that perhaps there are more animal genes in these fragments. Further study confirmed their guess, these genes widely found in fish and to people from almost all vertebrate cells, and has considerable similarity. So they put these genes known as the "cancer gene" (c-onc). The breadth of these genes and the similarity is sufficient to show that they had in the normal genome component of the virus cancer gene's role is to enter the cells or alter cell activation genes, ultimately leading to cancer. Subsequently, another 20 minutes like gene was found, and thus lay the cancer as a disease closely related with the genetic explanation of the process. Bishop and Varmus and because the contribution of the mechanism of cancer and biomedical awarded the 1989 Nobel Prize. In the newly proposed to explain the molecular biology of cancer the day, many people were suspicious of the same newspaper, which most people may not understand the question is: Since the c-onc is a class of such "bad" genes, why no evolution in the long road to be abandoned by natural selection? With cell signaling and cell cycle of deepening understanding, this problem has been answered. The original proto-oncogene product encoded by the majority are all in the embryonic period of growth with necessary proteins, such as the aforementioned src gene coding for a class on growth signals necessary for the protease, that protease in a wide variety living cells, essential for the activities of life. However, in adult animals, the expression of these genes is strictly controlled, and its activity is generally low. This control mechanism was largely controlled by the specific gene product, which is later discovered that the "tumor suppressor gene." In the early 70s before the proto-oncogene is confirmed, it would have been in the cell experiments and epidemiological survey showed that some genes can inhibit cell transformation phenotype (phenotype is a genetic term for a variety of possible genotypes demonstrated the characteristics of a particular genotype biological).


An experiment in 1969 showed that more positive, the existence of a gene can inhibit cancer, in this experiment, Harris (Harris) to normal cells and tumor cell fusion, the results showed that fusion does not produce the hybrid cells showed tumor cell characteristics. And then by genetics, the researchers identified the gene location on chromosomes, when the gene is removed, the fusion cells again showed the characteristics of tumor cells. Of the last century the last 10 years, has more than 10 similar genes were found, which is probably the most famous of the p53 gene. The normal function of these genes is the role of the antigen oncogene, inhibiting cell division. Function of these genes lead to loss of natural cell unlimited growth and cancer. Evolutionary process, the body also received a number of other links on the protective mechanism to prevent the cancer cells, these mechanisms may be the most attention to count cells (apoptosis) of the. This is the so-called "cell suicide" mechanism, in essence, this is not "anti-cancer-specific" mechanism, in development, wound healing and other physiological process, apoptosis is also widespread, through apoptosis, the body removes unnecessary of cell proliferation, ensuring the maximum of resources and space optimization. Controlled by genes in apoptosis, while some showed abnormal proliferation of cells may occur after the incoming signal, these genes are activated, and guide the synthesis of some specific protease with them through the hydrolysis necessary for cell survival structures (such as the cell itself protein skeleton, various membrane structures, etc.) to cell death. Another defense mechanism comes from the restriction on the number of cell division, this is the role of telomeres. It is located on chromosome ends, has the function to maintain chromosome stability, when the cell cycle to once every chromosome replication, telomeres shorten a little, until finally reduced to a function is already unable to maintain its length, the cells entered the final death of the aging period. Thus, telomeres play such a regulatory function of the normal case, if there is inappropriate cell growth, it will not cause cancer. However, if the cells develop a mechanism to prevent telomere shortening, is bound to limit their lives to escape such control - is actually the case and the line of cancer cells, they produce telomerase through This was done. Telomerase in dividing instead of the usual shortened telomeres Er Shi would be the latter's integrity is maintained, and become immortal cancer cells.

The final years of the 20th century, we finally have a unified and clear theory to general cancer mechanisms. Overall, the incidence of cancer


Is a multi-stage process of gradual evolution of the cell through a series of progressive changes to the malignant development. In the process, often accumulate multiple genetic changes, both oncogene activation and the occurrence of high expression, but also tumor suppressor gene and inactivation of apoptotic genes, but also a large number of cell cycle regulation of gene function changes. This process can be Youyu congenital defects and genetic of the early Fa Sheng (ie, genetic germ-line cells derived from cancer), or because of various environmental factors, acquired somatic mutations leading to the occurrence of relatively late in life (this class is usually more prevalent). Therefore, the incidence of human cancer is divided into initiation, promotion and development of phase. As the need to accumulate mutations in many genes involved, therefore, the general process of cancer progression for years to decades. Through the discussion above, we can find, the nature of cancer actually is reduced to a variety of causes of gene structure, functional abnormalities of various Huan Jing Hu Yingxiangzuizhong exogenous factors will reflect the genetic alteration that theoretical framework of today's cancer research has become a widely accepted basis for further study and development of new treatments and methods of focus. Why do people get cancer? Every year, 700 million people died of cancer in the world, China has 100 million people have lost their lives. In order to yield the terminal illness, scientists have paid great efforts. But until now, we still can not find ways to overcome cancer. What is cancer? It comes from, how it is harmful?

Cancer - cancer immunotherapy

Cancer gradually been recognized as a chronic disease and lifestyle diseases, the world is still not late for the cure for cancer. But for the early detection of cancer, many are preventable and curable of. For cancer prevention in a foreign country has a kind of Maitake-based products, now Maitake are detailed below:



Characteristics: fruit body or semi-succulent meat, with handle, multi-branched, terminal fan-shaped or spoon-shaped pileus Health, overlapping into the bundle, the widest diameter of the cluster up to 40 ~ 60 cm. Pileus width of 2 to 7 cm, 2 to 7 mm thick. Gray to light brown, cilia, or hair is fine, then gradually smooth, radial stripes. Edge thin, curling. Strain the meat white, 1 to 3 mm thick. Bacteria tube length from 1 to 3 mm, tube Kong Yansheng, pipe surface white to pale yellow. Spores oval to elliptical, colorless.

Active ingredients:

Isolated from fresh fruiting bodies of several kinds of anti-cancer activity of polysaccharide. The water-soluble polysaccharide, there is a BD-Po for the polysaccharide, and the other for the polysaccharide protein; water-insoluble polysaccharide fractions, a ground of glucose, xylose composed of different polysaccharides, and the other grounds of glucose and a small amount of fucose, xylose, mannose, Breast sugar and a small amount of protein in different polysaccharide complex. ("Chinese mushroom") 1994.1; "Zhejiang mushroom") 1995.1).

Function of taste: sweet, neutral. Qi can be healthy, please heat, Shenshi. For dysuria, edema, beriberi, cirrhosis, liver ascites, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer in rats. ("Mushroom cultivation of new technologies," 1997)


1. Anti-mutagenic and anti-cancer effect of hot water extract of Grifola frondosa fed rats, its liver glutathione S-transferase (GST) and cytochrome P-450 activity increased, indicating that anti mutagenic effect; with mice Bone marrow tests also get the same result particles. Polysaccharide can significantly increase not only the normal mouse reticuloendothelial system phagocytic index K, but also against nitrogen mustard caused by the role of phagocytic index K, but the mouse reticuloendothelial system phagocytic coefficient α was not affected. Polysaccharide on mice S-180 tumor inhibitory rate was 48.5 percent, combined with the anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide, inhibition of green can be increased to 95%, and can Cyclophosphamide induced decline in WBC . The number of mice injected gray flower polysaccharides, can inhibit the growth of lung cells LEVIS, but can not be extended with Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (ECA) the survival time of mice. Animal experiments have also proved polysaccharide immune function. ("Chinese mushroom"), 1994,1, "the Chinese medicinal fungus," 1997)

2. Antihypertensive effect and the cholesterol-lowering effect of the ash tree, fruiting bodies of dry powder, according to the proportion of 10% to 20% mixed with casein-based diet, fed with congenital factor of hypertension-prone SHR, mice, results showed that Grifola weight with blood pressure and inhibit growth. Food Grifola of SHR mice blood total cholesterol, total fat, neutral fat, free fatty acids values were lower. ("China Medical Mycology," 1997)

3. Inhibition of Grifola frondosa on obesity has prompted increased liver function, improve the role of fat metabolism, which can prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis. The role of proteolytic degradation of protein through the stomach into the process of the peptide, which is a disincentive against obesity, a molecular weight of 12,000 ~ 13,000 proteins. ("Chinese medicinal fungi mycology," 1997)

4. Anti-HIV effect will join the HIV virus polysaccharide (human exemption or incomplete virus) infection in vitro secondary T lymphocytes, the activity can be inhibited HVI. AIDS patients with oral frondosa powder and 60 days after delivery, 50% of patients after T lymphocyte increase, 50% of the patients after cessation of decline in T lymphocytes, can inhibit or improve the symptoms of AIDS. ("Specialty" (Japanese) 1993,5)

5. Tonic effect on the antibody swimming test in mice, laboratory animals can increase stress resistance and prolong swimming time to illustrate the stress state of the neural network --- Endocrinology --- immune system, enhance the body's non-specific external stimulus resistance should be made under the stress imbalance of qi, internal organs, blood and other mechanisms to return to normal. Small intestine to promote the experimental ink to Grifola extract orally, can speed up bowel experimental animals, to promote the value of large intestine ink, suggesting clear the air with Grifola machine, adjust the internal organs. ("Chinese mushroom" 1996,4)

After verification, "February 1, 1998, the U.S. FDA to break the practice of allowing Maitake D-components of special dietary supplements (containing 30% of the professional-grade extract) direct access to advanced breast cancer and prostate cancer Phase II clinical Research (IND No. 54589), "the applicant is a U.S. health food company Mike.

Maitake Standardized Extract - Maitake fine drops (Grifron ®-Pro Maitake D-fraction ®) is a health food company in the United States Mike 95 years, the banner of products produced, is the only argument Maitake standardized extract - Enhanced the ultimate product immunity.


The results show that natural plant extracts and honokiol can induce cervical cancer, lung cancer, 8 ovarian tumor cell apoptosis and promote tumor cell differentiation, inhibit the growth of new blood vessels, inhibit tumor metastasis, the role of inhibition of cell proliferation

Cancer - early diagnosis of cancer

Physical examination is the early detection of cancer and precancerous lesions of the important ways. Physical examination of the blood test indicators, B Super, X-ray, digital rectal examination, gynecological examination of Pap smears, breast molybdenum photographs are all commonly used cancer screening method. ◆ blood test blood test is the examination of an important means to detect early cancer detection in the blood of various indicators of whether the elevated tumor markers, can be found, identification of various malignant tumors. Such as: alpha-fetoprotein AFP can check hepatocellular carcinoma, embryonic gonad tumors. Carcinoembryonic antigen CEA was significantly higher, the common are colon cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, cholangiocarcinoma; there liver cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, also have increased. ◆ gynecological examination with Papanicolaou smear Pakistan staining method can detect early cervical cancer detection rate of about 60% -70%. ◆ B over the use of color Doppler imaging, can be clearly found that the majority of organs of the body mass and disease there. ◆ X ray X ray through the human body, for organ, tissue density of different images presented thus show that lung tumors directly, but also by emphysema, obstructive pneumonia, pleural effusion and other indirect change to find the chest tumor. ◆ rectal examination can determine the distance between the anal margin of approximately 7 cm -10 cm of the anus, rectum whether the nature of lesions and lesions. ◆ gastroscopy and colonoscopy directly with the naked eye observation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa of color, texture blood vessels, glands opening form, to identify whether the lesion, biopsy of suspicious lesions can do.

Cancer - Cancer how to wear down the body


Cancer, also called malignant tumors, are relatively benign. Cancer is the body's role in a variety of tumorigenic factors, the local tissue proliferation of the cells formed abnormal focal mass. Benign easy to clean, generally do not transfer, did not relapse, on the organ, tissue compression and blocking effect only. But cancer can also damage tissues, organs of the structure and function, causing hemorrhagic necrosis of infection, patients may be due to organ failure and ultimately death. The basic unit is the disease of cancer cells. Aging of human cells after the death of new cells will replace it in order to maintain bodily functions. Shows that most cells in the human body can be proliferation, but proliferation is limited, while the proliferation of cancer cells is endless, which makes the body of nutrients by the amount consumed. At the same time, cancer cells can release a variety of toxins, the body produce a series of symptoms. If not detected and treated promptly, it can move to different parts of the body growth and reproduction, leading to body weight loss, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, fever and organ failure, and so on. Almost every part of the body may have been against cancer. Originally, the human biological machine that is running perfectly, but cancer changed this situation, it is the task of destruction. If continued, will wear down the body. However, unlike tumor virus, not the external invaders, its composition and the same as normal tissue, so it can not identify the body immunity.

Cancer - cancer cells come from

The human body is composed by a community of cells. Each cell strictly by the book to know when the growth and division, also know how to integrate with other cells to form tissues and organs. The Construction of different organizations, "drawing" is genetic. Many people say that the body has cancer, but not developed. From a medical perspective, if we can detect cancer, we can diagnose this person had cancer. Therefore, this view is not correct. Now physicians believed that: Everyone has a proto-oncogene in vivo, definitely not everyone has cancer cells in vivo. Oncogene competent cell division and proliferation, human growth need it. In order to "bundle" it, the body also tumor suppressor gene. Normally, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes maintain a balance, but the role of carcinogenic factors, the proto-oncogene forces become large, while the tumor suppressor gene has become weak school, therefore, cancer cell growth factor is the start "key", including psychological factors, genetic factors, lifestyle, certain chemical substances. More than the "key" used together in order to start the "cancer program"; "key" more the higher the start. We also can not solve all the "key", it can not overcome cancer. Tumor cells from the "mutiny" of normal cells derived after many years to grow into tumors. "Renegade" cells from the track, setting their own proliferation rate, accumulated to more than 1 billion we would notice. Proliferation rate of cancer cells with a doubling time calculations, an Change 2, 2 become 4, and so on. For example, gastric cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer is the average doubling time of 33 days; breast cancer doubling time is 40 days. Because cancer cells continue to multiply, the more cancer to progress faster later.

Cancer - how cancer metastasis

Cancer is very "greedy", and it will go anywhere it might get, but there are three main paths: the first lymph node general, so for swelling


Tumor resection, it is necessary for lymph node dissection; radiotherapy in addition to exposure to the primary tumor lesions, but also exposure to the surrounding lymph nodes. Lymphatic system throughout the whole body, is ideal for cancer metastasis and the preferred channel. Lymph node metastasis often from near and far, such as breast cancer metastasis to the ipsilateral axillary lymph node first, then transferred to the clavicle, under the lymph nodes, or even contralateral axillary lymph nodes. Direct invasion of vascular or lymphatic cancer cells into the blood vessel, will arrive with the other parts, such as pulmonary blood flow, brain, liver and bone, which is blood transfer. Gastrointestinal cancer metastasis to the liver and lung often, breast cancer, renal cancer, osteosarcoma, and is frequently transferred to the lungs, lung cancer easily transferred to the brain, prostate cancer metastasis to the bone easily. Chemotherapy is to prevent the metastasis of cancer cells through the blood, while the drug "along the" destroy the cancer cells. There is also a transfer of less is metastasis. If the surface of cancer cells shed from the tumor, "off" in the chest, abdomen and brain spinal canal, etc., will "take root." Occurs normally in the lower part of the cavity, such as the costophrenic angle, rectal bladder fossa, skull base, etc.. Normal people love to say what causes cancer, in fact, we can not say what would not be as long as the cancer does not eat, or what would have access to cancer. Have not yet found any one factor is a necessary factor in causing cancer.

The most important thing is to fight cancer early detection, early cancer, most can be cured. To this end, we must, first regular physical examination, and second, we should look at some uncomfortable symptoms may be related to cancer, do not feel pain before they see a doctor. Early breast cancer cell proliferation of biological control mechanisms Weizmann Institute professor 约瑟夫雅登 led an international scientific panel that recently cracked the first stage of breast cancer cell proliferation mechanism, this discovery to develop new drugs inhibit the proliferation of large tumor helpful. Study found that cancer cells spread begins with a signal from the cell wall, such as growth factor signaling can cause cell division within the skeleton, so tightly squeezed together the original protein powder into a thin fiber, eventually cancer isolated from the surrounding tissue. To better understand the process of cell separation, scientists mapped the cells receive the signal changes in gene expression profiles. Access to a wealth of information on the analysis found that two proteins are very striking, a protein which has two "arms" and the other only one. Have two "arms" of the protein with a "hand" to seize the cells within the skeleton, the other "hand" to seize the cell membrane, and thus stabilize the intracellular cytoskeleton; while an "arm" of the protein only able to seize the cell membrane, the cytoskeleton could do nothing. When cells receive growth factor signals, there is a "arm" of the increase in the amount of protein, have two "arms" of the protein decline, causing the internal stability of the cell damage, loss of binding protein fibers into a thin line of cells scattered push. On cancer cells, this is the initial phase of proliferation.

Cancer - cancer of the classification

Blood cancer (leukemia), lymphoma, bone cancer (including lymphoma) pelvic colorectal cancer liver cancer (including cervical cancer, cervical cancer) lung cancer (including mediastinal cancer) breast cancer, esophageal cancer renal cell carcinoma brain nerve

Cancer - Cancer is genetic you


With cancer, I felt nervous, that is difficult to cure cancer, with cancer tantamount to sentencing him "to death." But modern science has ways to treat cancer, the survival rate is also high, there are many books there is respect. We are not talking about a cure, but cancer will not be genetic? So far, through the unremitting efforts of scientists have given a preliminary answered. Genetic cancer will be clarified, first know the causes of cancer incidence. How it caused cancer? It is the transformation from normal cells come. Cell division like "runaway" of the horse difficult to control. When the number of human cells in the cancer cells more than 1 million will be generated when certain symptoms of cancer. So how normal cells mutate into cancer cells is it? Such as viruses, radiation, chemicals, acting on the cell DNA, causing it to change the structure or function, leading to metabolic changes, changes in cell proliferation in cancer cell to become. DNA is the genetic basis of material, once the DNA changes, then it will pass to the next generation, in this sense, cancer is genetic related.

Cancer and heredity is not such a conclusion could be the following: the next generation of cancer patients are health cancer? The answer is no, why? Because human cells into somatic cells, two kinds of germ cells, such as muscle cells, bone cells, nerve cells, the generation and the next generation without direct contact, only germ cells - sperm and egg cells, are the genetic parents and children to communicate information cell, when the father, mother germ cell cancer occurred in the DNA, their children all the cells of the body of this altered genetic information, it may become cancerous, this is a "genetic model" of cancer. Somatic cells, with an end of life and death. Thus body parts of body cells (for example, an organ, an organization of the cells), DNA occurred in the external environment changes, into a cancer cell, then by this cell division and generate daughter cells are still cancer cells It does not affect the germ cells in the DNA of the cancer, so that cancer cells not passed on to their children, this is the "non-genetic type" of cancer. Cancer is divided into "hereditary" and "non-genetic type" cell line is mainly for any changes in the DNA, is congenital hereditary? Or acquired it? So plenty of genetic cancer with a cancer, and some non-genetic cancer, which in turn divided? Genetic type of cancer usually have a family history of early onset, bilateral organs (such as breast, kidney, etc.) are born carcinoma, more than one number; the other hand, non-genetic type of cancer without family history, late onset, unilateral, number of tumors Shao. Several methods of cancer research: a survey method such as family history of China, Jiangsu, Henan, Shanxi suffering from esophageal cancer, liver cancer have a family history of a large proportion.

Some families suffering from breast cancer patients each generation has occurred, or even men have breast cancer, such as a family of three men and four women with breast cancer. Some brothers are born of breast cancer, and their daughter with breast cancer. Second, twin survey was analyzed 52 leukemia patients and their twin siblings, which 52 pairs of twins in 22 pairs of identical twins is. Results of 52 pairs of twins in five leukemia, and this is an identical twin 5's. There are two points worth noting that these data, one twin early age of onset in children in general, and second, the time difference between the incidence of twins is not far. Third, more specifically, the genetic susceptibility of people with certain genetic characteristics of cancer patients the possibility of a relatively large, such as: Down's syndrome patients susceptible to leukemia, testicular feminization syndrome, the risk of gonadal cancer in the mother cell people more. From the point of view of genetics, genetic-based and non-genetic type carcinoma cells were from cancer. Modern research shows that a mutation of cells not enough to make normal cells cancerous, the second mutation to be cancerous. "Secondary mutation" theory that, if the first mutation occurs in germ cells or fertilized egg in years, the resulting fragmentation of the body cells of this individual will bring all of a sudden this is a necessary condition for cancer, is not cancerous sufficient condition; when no matter which cell it occurred after a second mutation, so the cells into cancer cells. Since at least two or more cancerous cell mutations, so their children can only be to a mutation in the genetic parent, it need certain conditions to achieve the second mutation, the Health and cancer is possible. For instance, some colon polyps in patients with family a lot of people, but only under certain conditions, some people can be transformed into colon cancer. So usually pay attention to environmental protection, reduction of harmful substances in the environment, will reduce the chance of exposure to carcinogenic substances, thereby reducing the incidence of cancer.

Cancer - Prevention of cancer four issues

1. To develop good habits, smoking cessation alcohol limit. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts that if people are not smoking, five years later, the world's cancer will be reduced 1 / 3; Second, do not drink. Tobacco and alcohol are very acid acid, long-term smokers who drink, easily lead to acidic. 2. Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat heat, cold, late and bad food; frail or have a disease genes are appropriate to eat a number of anti-cancer foods and high alkali content alkaline food, maintain a good mental state. 3. Have a good mentality to cope with stress, work and rest, do not fatigue. Shows that pressure is an important incentive cancer, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that stress caused by fatigue physically weak and thus lead to decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, resulting in the deposition of acid substances; pressure can lead to stagnation of qi and blood stasis caused by mental stress, toxic fire retraction so. 4. To enhance physical activity, physical fitness, sports and more in the sun, sweating more acid the body can be excreted with the sweat and avoid the formation of acidic. 5. Life to the law, irregular habits of people, such as through the night singing karaoke OK, play mahjong, night out and other living without law, will increase the acidic, prone to cancer. Should develop good habits to maintain alkaline body, so far from various types of cancer diseases. 6. Not to eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, eat green organic food, to prevent the disease from the mouth. 7. Study found that selenium on liver cancer cells and inhibition of selective destruction of normal liver cells are not affected. Clearly, prevention of Se can become liver cancer, liver disease and effective prevention measures. The capacity of the human body stores selenium weak, requiring frequent consumption of high selenium food to get enough selenium. Malt can be added selenium, protein selenium, selenium Wellcome other.

Prevent cancer, how to diet (1) Food diversity: Recipes widely not only meet all the necessary nutrients the body, but also inhibition of harmful carcinogens. (2) drink alcoholic beverages must be moderate: many detrimental health drink, mouth, throat, esophagus and liver cancer and drinks too much about. Drink more, while smoking a greater risk of cancer. (3) Avoid excessive intake of cholesterol: low-fat diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectal cancer risk. (4) food contains enough food starch and cellulose: should eat more fruits, vegetables, dried beans, whole grains, beans and their products. To increase the intake of starch and cellulose, which can reduce colon cancer and rectal cancer. (5) maintain a balanced nutrition to maintain ideal weight. Avoid eating more sugar. Cancer prevention diet cancer is currently 14 law the greatest enemy of human health, each year about 600 million people worldwide die from cancer, of which about 130 million people in China died of cancer. However, cancer also can be controlled. World Cancer Research Fund over the years the foundation dedicated to cancer, and cancer prevention and other aspects of clinical research, summed up the world in the field of cancer research, presented with extensive science-based dietary and health.

14 recommendations for cancer prevention: recommendations for a: Reasonable arrangements for food. In the daily diet plant food such as vegetables, fruits, grains and beans should account for 2 / 3. Proposal 2: weight control, to avoid too light or too heavy. Increase in adult body weight should not exceed 5 kg. Number of Body Constitution (BMI) formula to measure. (See formula) BMI = weight (kg) / height (m2) Description: BMI less than 20, underweight; BMI of 20 to 25, ideal body weight; BMI of 25 to 30, slightly overweight; BMI greater than 30, seriously overweight . Recommendation three: Keep your exercise. If the work with little activity or only slight activity, every day should be about 1 hour brisk walking or similar exercise. Carried out at least another week of intense activity 1 hour sweating. Proposed four: eat more vegetables, fruit. 400 a day should eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes and citrus fruits strongest anti-cancer effect. Eat five or more fruits and vegetables every day, and year round, have continued to anti-cancer effect. Recommendation five: 600 ~ 800 grams a day to eat a variety of cereals, beans, plant roots, the less processed the food the better. Less


Eat refined sugar. Recommendation six: do not promote drinking. Even to drink, men should not be more than two drinks a day, women should not exceed a cup a day. Recommendation VII: eat red meat (ie cattle, sheep, pork) not more than 90 grams. Is best to eat fish and poultry as an alternative to red meat. Recommendation eight: eat high-fat foods, particularly animal fats. Select the appropriate amount of vegetable oil and restraint. Recommendation nine: eat less salt, eating pickled foods. The daily consumption of salt should be less than 6 grams (about one teaspoon). Recommendation 10: Do not store food at room temperature too long may be affected by fungal toxins contaminated food. Proposal 11: The refrigeration or other appropriate methods to preserve perishable food. Recommendation twelve: food additives, contaminants and residues lower than the limit set by the state that is safe, but to abuse or misuse may affect health. Recommendation 13: do not eat charred food, directly on the fire grilled fish and meat or bacon, bacon consumed only occasionally. Recommendation 14: the basic diet to follow these recommendations for people who generally do not consume dietary supplements, dietary supplements to reduce the risk of cancer may be nothing to help cancer is not the easier it is. Xinhua reported, with the development of medical science, the human capacity for early diagnosis of cancer is growing, can find smaller and smaller tumors in vivo. Such medical advances for patients with early cancer should be a good thing, but recently some U.S. medical experts on the scientific progress that brought into question the clinical benefits. Early detection and treatment of cancer has been dealing with the tenets of medicine, but found that too many scientists believe that early cancer is not a good thing for patients, unless the non-government non-cancer. This sounds a bit unreasoning, but scientists have shown that most of the early cancer if doctors do not find that they will not grow or deteriorate.

The most anti-cancer effects of fruit a pear can fluid, moistens dryness, heat, phlegm. Ancient physicians and more used for the benefit esophagus, cardia and stomach cancer. Such as "South Yunnan Materia Medica" Cloud: "governance of the stomach lump in the abdomen food product." "Herbal seeking original" has introduced: "administration less academic failure, become choked belch; pear colleagues milk, juice, reed rhizome juice, Tong Pian , Xianzhuli service of. "" Sheng Ji Zong Lu "in the square there is a will:" Governance nausea turn food, drugs no less than; large Sydney 1 to 15 cloves piercing pear, the wet paper bag 45 weight, simmer The cooked food. "as contained in carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so have some anti-cancer effects, the pear is also suitable for nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer patients take. 2 kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C content of orange high is 4-12 times that of Apple's 30 times, 60 times that of grapes. Confirmed by recent studies, kiwifruit contains a kind of cancer blocking the body's "nitrosamine" substances generated, so it has good anti-cancer effect. 3, apricot cancer patients suitable for a variety of food. According to studies, vitamin B17 content of apricot is the most abundant fruit, and vitamin B17 is very effective anti-cancer substance has a killing effect on cancer cells. It is reported that the U.S. treatment of cancer with vitamin B17, usually treated 250 patients, 248 were rescued, with vitamin B17 has saved 4,000 lives of patients with advanced cancer.

Cancer - cancer type

The type of cancer each year around the world thousandth of life cancer. Benign and malignant tumors divided into two categories. General cancer is called carcinoma. The so-called malignant is to develop faster, and will lead to death. Cancer deaths worldwide every year about 2,000,000 to 300 million. Therefore, the fight against cancer is medically very important task. Many types of cancer, known in more than 100. In medicine, according to tumor tissue of different origin, and often the tumor is divided into two categories: from epithelial tissue such as skin, glands and so long out of cancer called malignant tumors, such as skin cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, etc.; from the inter- leaf tissues such as muscle, bone, lymph long out called sarcoma, such as rhabdomyosarcoma, osteosarcoma, lymphoma. Because cancer is more common in cancer than meat, about 9:1, it is generally regarded cancer known as cancer.


Cancer itself is not characteristic of cancer cells to death, they generally do not secrete quality. They therefore lead to the death the body, often for other reasons, and this is related to the characteristics of cancer cells. We all know that when normal cells into cancer cells, genetically they have different properties, the surrounding cells did not show a number of characteristics, and these features can be passed to daughter cells. The main characteristics of cancer cells as follows: First, cell division autonomy (autonomy) division of cancer cells from surrounding tissue constraints, and showed "no government" state. It needs no matter how the organism is always independent of cell division, eventually forming a separate organization - cell clusters, as if to live as parasites in the organic body. It first won nutrients, causing weight loss body weakness, and pressure will invade the surrounding healthy tissue, causing other diseases. Second, cancer cells portability (transplantability) tumor cells can transfer the value to the appropriate body with the kinds of hosts, and to develop and complete the same original tumor. Particularly malignant cancer cells to each other easily separated. Free of cancer cells through the blood and lymphatic vessels, the body moved to another location, and form new tissues. This is the reason for the spread of cancer. Invasive cancer cells rely on this (invasiveness) and metastatic (metastasis) can be widely disseminated in the host body, so that often can not cure cancer as a disease. Third, cancer cells generated by cell aplasia, usually immature cells, not normal full function. This phenomenon of loss of certain cell trait called Anaplastic. For example, leukemia patients with a lot of blood in the white blood cell count, but not mature, normal white blood cell function. Fourth, abnormal cell carcinoma, according to research, political parties cells into cancer cells, once after the appearance of a new membrane protein, a new antigen; In addition, cells die at lower AMP accountants, which may be unchecked cell division One of the reasons. In addition, there are many changes in the cell membrane. These all show that the genetic nature of cancer cells is different from normal cells. Produce cancer and certain genetic factors. Third, what the causes of cancer causes cancer? This is a long-term does not solve complex problems, many scholars have accumulated a lot of research information, a variety of different hypotheses, some stressed that external factors, that cancer is external factors such as chemical factors, physical factors or biological factors induced . Some stressed the internal, that the genetic material DNA of cancer is due to the structure or function of abnormal regulation, resulting in normal cells cancerous, in recent years found a cancer gene (oncogene) is an important breakthrough in cancer research. But the cause of the problem completely solved tumors remains to be studied further. 1. Tumorigenic RNA virus, RNA tumor viruses in recent years have shown a carcinogenic effect. RNA virus has a specific fragment can cause cell transformation, the fragment called the viral oncogene (virusoncogene, abbreviated V-onc), its protein product is a kind of transformation. Has been found that 26 / kinds of cancer-causing oncogene RNA viruses. RNA viruses such as chicken Rous sarcoma, a cancer gene V-src, which encodes a molecular weight of 60000D protein phosphorylation, called pp60V-src, it is a protein, that can be attached to tyrosine phosphate ions on, cytoplasmic membrane protein phosphorylation can promote cell growth. This RNA tumor virus must have the presence of reverse transcriptase to generate tumors, such as white-leukemia virus (oncornaviruses) containing a single chain of RNA and the RNA under the control of reverse transcriptase, the virus RNA on a V-onc. Enzyme that catalyzes the reversal recorded up to the virus RNA as a "template" synthesis than the chain DNA; and can lead to transformation of host cells (transformation). The process generally is as follows: ⑴ virus attached on the plasma membrane, and penetrate cells; ⑵ in the host cell, the virus RNA in the reverse transcriptase enzymes of the synthesized DNA before the virus; ⑶ DNA before the virus integrated into the host cell's DNA; ⑷ proviral DNA transcription by the formation of mRNA, and translated into viral coat protein, reverse transcriptase and virus-specific antigen; ⑸ transformed cell by budding, the formation of new Oncoma virus. 2. Carcinogenic DNA viruses that some DNA viruses, like papillomavirus, polyomavirus, and simian virus-like vacuoles were carcinogenic effects. Such as the vacuolar monkey virus (SV40) acting on the host cells may be proliferation, accompanied by cell lysis or transformation. The general process of cell lysis caused by the following: ⑴ virus attached to the cell membrane and penetrate cells; ⑵ off the virus in the membrane next to the shell, while the DNA into the nucleus; ⑶ transcribed viral DNA virus mRNA; ⑷ viral mRNA translation " Early "protein, involved in viral DNA replication; ⑸ viral DNA replication, transcription into DNA replication after the mRNA, translated as" late "proteins, the formation of virus shell; ⑹ viral DNA and coat protein composition of viruses, cell lysis caused by the general process of transformation as follows: ⑴, ⑵ process with the same; ⑶ virus DNA integrated into the host cell's DNA, and together with the host cell genome replication; ⑷ under the control of the virus DNA, mRNA transcription and the formation of "early" proteins, or virus-specific tumor antigen (TA), it only exists in the transformation of the nucleus; ⑸ DNA in the combined under the control of mRNA transcribed and translated into tumor-specific transplantation antigen (TSTA), moved to the surface of transformed cells to complete the transformation process to become tumor cells. According to research


Study, about 5% of human malignant tumors caused by a virus. 4, on the inheritance of tumor is increased cell growth and unrestricted form, while the growth is affected by genetic control. Therefore, all tumors may involve genetic factors. Many tumors have a family focus on the phenomenon, indicating that they are a genetic basis. Some tumors is controlled by a single gene, some are controlled by multiple genes, and some to Tong is the chromosome distortion or cytoplasmic gene mutation. 5. The role of oncogenes Why cancer? Cancer genetics research has achieved new progress, scientists have discovered cancer gene, cancer gene (oncogene), also known as transforming genes of human or other animal cells (and cancer-causing virus) inherent in a class of genes, generally inactive state, which once activated will be able to promote human or animal's normal cells become cancerous. In 1969 American scholar Heebner (Huebner) and Todaro (Todaro) oncogene theory first proposed that all the cells are cancer-causing virus contains all the genetic information, the genetic information from generation to generation, and induced them cancer-related information called the cancer gene. Under normal circumstances, be deter-oncogene in the state only when the cellular regulatory mechanisms related to the case of the destruction of only the expression of oncogenes, leading to cancerous cells. 1971, first in cancer-causing RNA viruses certainly oncogene. The early 80s, as recombinant DNA technology and the development of mammalian cell transformation technology, people gradually found in vertebrates (including humans) the cells have relatives with the V-onc reason, namely, the existence and the viral oncogene homologous DNA sequence, the order known as the proto-oncogene, (proto-oncogene) or oncogenes (C-onc). Once the cell is activated oncogene oncogene oncogene activation would cause cells to cancer. The current understanding of V-onc gene is a continuous, C-onc is a discrete gene expression that includes several exons (extron), expressed by several intron (intron) the interval. C-onc is also a transformation of the translation product of protein, but also combined with the cytoplasmic membrane, and V-onc product very similar. Recent studies have shown that certain cancer gene products with proven growth factors (such as platelet derived growth factor PDGF, the expression of growth factors EGF, etc.) have structural and functional ties. Oncogene homologue and most located in the plasma membrane, and may be the composition of the plasma membrane, and tyrosine kinase function is the same. Thus many scholars believe that the carcinogenic nature of the oncogene is a variety of growth factors and growth factor receptor activation and inappropriate expression. On the activation of oncogenes may be two ways: ⑴ by DNA rearrangement. For example, proto-oncogene 5 'end of the other gene inserted near the promoter (promotor), can enhance the transcriptional activity of oncogenes. A typical example is the human Burkitt lymphoma cells, chromosome 8, a proto-oncogene (myc) and chromosome 14 immunoglobulin heavy chain gene rearrangement can promote the abnormal expression of myc gene. ⑵ oncogene may be involved in local changes in the coding sequence. Human bladder cancer cell lines such as T-24 cancer genes and the corresponding normal cell proto-oncogene is a base pair substitution results: normal cells, proto-oncogenes (ras) guanine in codon 12 in the cancer cells was replaced by thymine. They are encoded by the P21 protein has only a single amino acid between the former and the latter for the glycine to valine. This small difference in the three-dimensional structure of the protein has a great influence, this may be a proto-oncogene activation of oncogenes another mechanism. For cancer gene research: Although there is controversy, but the discovery of oncogenes in cancer research is undoubtedly an important breakthrough. 6, the interaction of genetic and environmental Currently, most oncologists and geneticists believe that most types of tumors, is well received by the genetic control, but also by the environment. Of course, different types of tumors is different, some genetically determined mainly by some major decisions by the environment. Many facts indicate that the tumor is the interaction of internal and external product. For example, first-degree relatives of gastric cancer patients, about 3% of the cancer-prone, while the control group was about 1.5%, which indicates that the impact of gastric cancer by genetic factors; Also, stomach problems in the economic life of the poor strata of the most common rice-producing areas in China the incidence is particularly high, perhaps because of diet, it shows that they related to environmental factors. 7, on the psychological factors, depression, irritable, mood disorder and other psychological factors also one of the important factors leading to cancer. White-collar women, single women, over the pursuit of success in life, psychologically stressful, leading to frequent anxiety; their excessive focus on self-image of perfection, there is no good eating habits; most super-normal growth later marriage and childbearing is not so, nor childbirth to nurse her child and so contrary to human, human nature law of procreation. These are in the western developed countries has proved to be highly prone to breast cancer risk factors. Fourth, the process of carcinogenesis mechanism of tumorigenesis, that is, normal cells in the tumor under the effect of the cause, how bad cancer cells and the formation of carcinoma into it? Berenblum tumor from animal experimental study that the incidence of cancer there before moving (initiation) and the promotion (promotion) the two processes. The initiating process is crucial changes in the normal course of malignant cells, then enter the latent state. Promote the process short or long, long years when up to ten years, in the process, the proliferation of malignant cells acquire the advantages of the formation of carcinoma. The immune status of how this process plays an important role. For example, painted with methylcholanthrene in mouse skin, after repeated stimulation, the skin and begin to grow malignant papilloma, which is equivalent to the initiating process. Then after croton oil painting, if the skin, because it has the role of immune suppression, so after croton oil painting accelerated growth of cancer cells, and soon form a tumor, which is equivalent to the promotion process. Croton oil if not coated, then the formation of skin cancer is much slower, which means the time required for the process much longer. As to how the mutant cells have unlimited proliferation capacity? We know that normal cell protein synthesis, cell division is affected by the structure, gene regulation system control. Because the structure of genes that control cell proliferation mutation in tune


Section system out of control it, the result will result in unlimited cell proliferation. If it is about the regulating gene mutates, it is no longer an effective deterrent to produce substances, control the proliferation of structural gene transcription and translation will constantly engage in, the results will Daozhixibao the infinite Zeng Zhi. For example, some cancer-causing agents, the role of viruses and other regulatory genes that control the proliferation of material formed by the curb, it is invalid and play active role, the results can lead to uncontrolled proliferation of cells formed tumors. Like transformation after SV40 infection of mouse tumor cells formed at low temperature (31 ℃) into tumor cells when the temperature increased (39 ℃), the transformation of cells reversed to normal cells. Because cancer cells to normal cells with the possibility of reversal, for the treatment of cancer offers the possibility. 5, how to fight cancer and fight cancer? According to current knowledge of genetics, there may be three new ways: 1. By reversal of the genetic mechanism by which cancer cells into normal cells in the clinical practice of medicine has been reversed to the normal occurrence of cancer cells phenomenon. Some cancer patients also have natural healing phenomenon, the so-called spontaneous degradation in cancer cells. It is reported that it has been possible in the laboratory into the sympathetic people in the growth of malignant tumors in the nerve tissue to restore to normal cells. Normal cells into cancer cells the root cause is inside the body's natural cancer-fighting ability. Has been found to have anti-cancer function of lymphocytes. Most cells in the systemic blood flow in the death. There is a blood substance called MGI can reverse the blood cells of leukemia to normal. In addition, to prove the existence of a ring in vivo cAMP substances, most notably the ability to make cancer cells into normal cells. Thus, the process in the treatment of cancer should not only by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to kill cancer cells. A more meaningful way to efforts to find a practical way with a good, able to influence a (more) structural genes or changes in regulatory genes, so that cancer cells to the political parties reversed, turn negative factors into positive ones. Food Therapy Natural cancer therapy Gong-Ke Quan Xinjiang company, preparation of cancer, kidney disease self-help club bulletin is being build in Xinjiang Quan, cancer, kidney disease self-help club, to let cancer, kidney disease patients reduce the psychological pressure of the situation, from the change Since the qualitative point of view fundamentally solve the problem. Acidic body is the source of all diseases, increased alkaline health nutrition is the real way out, in the acidic body fluids, the normal cell cancerous, and normal circulation is damaged, causing the body's disease, the club through the body fluids of patients to adjust to patients to self-help purposes.

Cancer - cancer may suggest the phenomenon of Nine

Cancer treatment satisfaction, treatment often depends on the time of morning and evening. The doctor said if they can achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment and cure of cancer helpful. Therefore, usually to pay attention to observe small changes in the body, insight into the early signs. Experts list 9 phenomenon, if one


Or in a few weeks or more, or increase the person exists, consult a doctor immediately. 1, bowel habits, stool character and shape of changes: such as diarrhea, constipation, blood in the stool, stool, etc. thinner shape. 2, urinary habits: such as poor drainage, urine flow bifurcation, urination pain, frequent urination, urgency, abdominal pain, flank pain, hematuria and so on. 3, abnormal bleeding or discharge: If the bloody urine, hemoptysis, nasal discharge blood vaginal bleeding in postmenopausal women, any part of the abnormal secretions, particularly those stench. 4, breast or other parts of the nodules appear redundant material, and even small bean pills. 5, uncontrollable cough and hoarse voice can not alleviate. 6, skin wart or mole sudden change in the status quo, rapid growth, particularly in the surface of bleeding or discharge. 7, a partial and can not cure ulcers, especially the bleeding tendency and secretions, and stench were. 8, indigestion, weight loss significantly, epigastric fullness, dull pain there is a fixed location, dysphagia, shortness of breath and so on. 9, unexplained loss of appetite, general fatigue, restless and irritable mood, temperament changes, mental disorders. Cancer, cancer is the most representative endogenous diseases, like normal cells, cancer cells do not die due to environmental acidification in fact cancer cells are normal cells to grow in acidic environment, take initiative to variation, and to continue to stretch is made For the production of cancer cells, there are two theories, one theory of the German Biochemical 博士古博格 of oxygen, the other is the Japanese love Harrington's acidic theory, the theory that Dr. Gu Boge, healthy cells in hypoxia environment, enable the cell to become cancerous cells, but just lead to acidification of body fluids dissolved oxygen drop test to prove he was convicted of the argument, and Nobel prize. Habermas's theory of love is referred to as alkaline cells, the accumulation of acidic waste is usually near death, but there is willing to change the chromosome in order to survive in the acidic environment, this is the beginning of cancer. Even if the surgery will be cut off again all the cancer cells causes cancer in this because the acidic environment persists, the death of the cells also do not want to remain, therefore, unlike the cancer is difficult. To join in, give yourself a chance, I believe miracles happen. 15899198270. Qiama that cancer patients on the regeneration of the ancient wonders. I believe miracles happen in your body. 598 751 446. Qiama old can change the patient's body. Nearly half a century of lung cancer morbidity and mortality have increased for the current lung cancer in many countries has become the most common cause of death, the death toll of all cancer deaths accounted for 1 / 4, which is already alarming . Cause lung cancer and what factors, whether people can be found for early lung cancer prevention, lung cancer What are the symptoms appear later? We invited experts to give us the following details about. Q: The relationship between lung cancer and smoking it? Zhang Chao: Smoking is the main factor leading to lung cancer, according to data shows that about 85% of lung cancer patients with smoking-related deaths, particularly among young people, China has adopted various measures to smoking definitely benefit people's health. Q: Smoking causes lung cancer the more the greater the likelihood it? Wang million: the incidence of smoking and lung cancer also have a direct link, such as 15-year-old and 25-year-old former smokers with different probability of occurrence of lung cancer, smoking Tobacco age greater chance of lung cancer earlier, data showed that smoking before age 15 the incidence of lung cancer by smoking 25-year-old man after 2 times. If the occurrence of lung cancer: the age and the beginning of smoking, smoking duration, smoking is proportional to the size. Q: Does long-term passive smoking can cause lung cancer? Zhang Chao: husband, wife smoking was lung cancer, non-smoking women in the West is increasing the incidence of the specific reasons are not clear, it was reported that: with passive smoking or other factors, such as cooking, smoke, also relevant. Q: Air pollution damage to human health have not you? Zhang Chao: Air pollution and car exhaust, dust is related to our ongoing automotive exhaust treatment, afforestation and other clean-air benefits to human health. The etiology of lung cancer: air pollution, smoking, chemical carcinogens, radiation. Q: non-smokers and smokers ratio? Wang million: among smokers than non-smoking high incidence of machine, shown in Figure: lung cancer morbidity and mortality Zhang Chao: certainly a high incidence of mortality high. Q: Long-term radiation in the radioactive material is not too easy to cause cancer? Zhang Chao: Gejiu of tin, tin containing two kinds of material factors and lung cancer: 1, arsenic, 2, radon, radon is harmful gas, long-term acceptance of harmful gases in the underground operation greatly increasing the possibility of lung cancer, Yunnan old is a high incidence of lung cancer. Wang million: with lung cancer are closely related to arsenic, uranium. Q: We have contacts in the life of this carcinogenic much? Wang 10000: As industrial development, chemical pollution of the environment, the atmosphere and so to make styrene imidacloprid increased significantly higher incidence of lung cancer, 60 Age is not a very high incidence of lung cancer, lung cancer incidence rate of 90 times or even ten times doubled, nearly 100 years the emissions generated by industrial development over the past few years, good governance environment and reduce the incidence of lung cancer are closely related. Q: After lung cancer is the main clinical symptoms are cough? Zhang Chao: cough is the main symptom of lung cancer but not the only symptom, lung cancer symptoms and the occurrence of the site, such as lung peripheral, central, and with lesions in the morning and evening there closely related to the symptoms: cough, sputum; chest pain, shortness of breath; fever, bloody sputum. Q: The lung cancer cough and cold, fever or cough old chronic bronchitis What is the difference? Wang million: a cold, fever, cough caused by more rapid onset, there is a corresponding respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, fever, throat pain, cough, cough and lung cancer did not have such obvious factors, is to stimulate the cough and long treatment. Q: Lung cancer is not bloody sputum will appear this phenomenon? Zhang Chao: Blood in the sputum of patients caused by their attention, while the doctor is an important in terms of symptoms, once symptoms appear it promptly to the hospital for examination. Q: cold, fever, cough, so that capillary rupture occurs when the blood stained, then it hemoptysis and lung cancer What is the difference? Zhang Chao: There are differences, but must pass inspection to identify them, not all lung cancer patients have blood in sputum, cold induced sputum and blood are rare, the need for sputum cytology, chest, nose or throat excluded the blood to the original. Q: pulmonary symptoms, in which aspects? Wang million: the symptom of lung cancer: pulmonary osteoarthropathy; cancer gravis syndrome; endocrine disorder syndrome. Small cell lung cancer secrete hormones such as prolactin, growth hormone can lead to male breast development. Q: What will appear after lung cancer metastasis-like symptoms? Zhang Chao: lung cancer symptoms, including symptoms of lung cancer after the transfer, and the site of metastasis of lung cancer related to the transfer to the brain occur as headache, vomiting, symptoms of increased intracranial pressure; transfer to have hurt the performance of bone; transferred to the vertebral body appears paraplegia; transfer to pleural effusion appears to cause serious breathing difficulties; if the anti-oppression or violation of laryngeal nerve appears hoarse voice, the transfer of parts of different symptoms are also different. Q: After these symptoms appeared to do what check? Wang 10000: If the above symptoms need in a timely manner to the hospital for examination, making a lateral X-ray films are the lungs as you can see whether there is a shadow or a mass suspected problems can do further examination, such as breast magnetic resonance imaging or CT, spiral CT can be seen below 0.5 cm tumor. Q: The play in the clinical examination of what kind of role? There any order? Zhang Chao: Most people think that after doing a CT what the situation was settled, but it is not. Some of the symptoms appear after a need to check sputum; 2, do plain film examination, including chest and lateral, these inspections are routine inspection, or by examining the still difficult to identify small tumors can further do CT, magnetic resonance imaging examination of other There is a certain order. Q: What kind of people need to do regular checks? Wang Wan: high-risk groups: 40 years of age, heavy smokers, long-term exposure to carcinogens, miners, long-term exposure to asbestos and other such groups need to do regular checks. Moderator: symptoms occur in patients after more than how to do? Zhang Chao: first go to the local or community hospital for tests, suspected to be lung cancer or have signs of lung cancer is best to specialist hospitals, specialist hospitals have a large number of medical records experience and give cancer patients a choice of treatment, treatment of choice is wrong if it were corrected after treatment of choice for treatment, so treatment of choice is essential


, The lung cancer treatment is a whole treatment. Q: What kind of lung cancer patients need surgery which patients need surgery? Zhang Chao: whether there is an operation with the following aspects: 1, the patient's general condition, the patient has lung cancer and age, bigger, and the vital organs are severely diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease or other diseases; 2, disease stages, lung cancer sub-4 :1-3A of the most acceptable among the surgery patients. Q: 3A of previous surgical treatment can be, then 3A of whether the surgery would not it? Zhang Chao: In principle, this is the case, but individual circumstances can be surgery, 1, patients with severe hemoptysis and lung cancer drugs can not control; 2 After taking a variety of antibiotics are still unable to control infection, although access to 3B of this case, however, can undergo surgery, through chemotherapy will be reduced to 3A, 3B, after of you can, 3B, after the majority of patients can not undergo surgery. Q: What are the contents of non-surgical treatment? Wang 10000: 3B of patients after surgery results were not good, small cell lung cancer not suitable for surgery because the diagnosis when it has exceeded the scope of the operation so choose non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatments include: radiation, anticancer drugs (chemotherapy), immune therapy, is now more mature approach is radiation therapy and chemotherapy, such as small cell lung cancer to radiation and chemicals is very sensitive, by this means to restrict 20% Board period of cancer patients with non-surgical way to cure them. Expert Profile: Zhang Chao, MD, director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, director of thoracic surgery, clinical work in breast cancer surgery more than 30 years, the early diagnosis of lung cancer, and lung cancer combined treatment of esophageal cancer surgery in-depth research difficult. Wang Wan chief physician of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Nei Ke, deputy director of the China Cancer Research Foundation, specializes in lung, breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as malignant lymphoma, has been involved in Duozhong tumors of combined therapy, with rich clinical experience.

The best therapy of cancer patients: mucopolysaccharide Package

Because chemotherapy, regardless of the enemy, the cancer patient's immune system damage to cancer so advanced that if the chemotherapy is equal to speed up the patient's death. So people looking forward to find the understanding of cancer, methods of treatment for cancer. Mucopolysaccharide for the treatment of cancer has been clearly demonstrated: the promotion of self-destruction of cancer cells, strengthen their immunity, inhibit cancer cells and other new students.

Mucopolysaccharide promote cancer cell self-destruction as follows:

The vitality of cells is very tenacious, it will grow proliferation, have been attacking the violation of human normal cells, require the support of many nutrients, so cancer patients are generally thin, suggesting that nutrients are absorbed by cancer cells go through the blood circulatory system, cancer cells make their own blood supply system in order to maintain the supply of nutrients. Mucopolysaccharide can stop this process, so that cancer cells lose their supply of nutrients, cells will start from the internal necrosis, which is the best treatment for cancer, but also the characteristics of mucopolysaccharide, found in the body of the cell membrane and interstitial , the play of human tissue generation, tissue repair, embryonic development, inhibition of tumor spread, cutting off tumors of nourishment, the body's physiological functions mucopolysaccharide vary by molecular weight, macromolecular mucopolysaccharide cell mobile, value-added, differentiated and inhibited the phagocytosis of small molecules is to promote the role of mucopolysaccharide.

When the time each day to eat three to five meals on time, "mucopolysaccharide Package", the human body through the 24-hour -6 days, they begin to have signs of improvement, while maintaining the mood of optimism, quiet and comfortable place with clean air, sufficient oxygen to breathe promotion of energy conversion, to avoid the computer, TV, chemotherapy, and the sun light and hot place, to reduce and prevent fever, to the maximum extent to prevent the body's mucopolysaccharide in the UV and the slow decomposition under the action of heat loss, so quick to mucopolysaccharide cancer cells can clamp down on the source of human health and nutrition content, some continue to eat "mucopolysaccharide packages" about 28 days, when a sufficient number of human mucopolysaccharide i will play a powerful self-healing forces, such as phagocytosis, and inhibition of cancer cells, so cancer cell proliferation is no longer prevent the growth of cancer cells, enhance immunity, play a role in all its aspects, so that cancer cells to death while protecting normal cells, maintain normal cell function, to achieve the purpose of self-repair. So ate "mucopolysaccharide packages" 60 days, cells shrink because of loss of nutrients are continuously being swallowed by death and disappearance of reduced death and were completely engulfed need 90-180 days. Mucopolysaccharide excellent treatment 1 week to 1 month will show that this treatment of cancer by detecting changes in values can be learned, and from the patient's fever decreased to reduce symptoms such as cancer patients so that treatment to reduce. Usually the early and mid may have been completely cured.

Statistics from the cancer patients, we confirmed: for example, ovarian cancer patients in the lentinan allergy. Therefore, if food allergies that their polysaccharide, on the other polysaccharide food should be consumed in time to prevent the body of the mucopolysaccharide content was decreased, increasing the risk of cancer.

Cancer Therapy and Natural Therapy capture

German physician, Nobel Prize winner in 1931 OttoHeinrichWarburg (Gu Boge) professor found that when human tissue cells in normal oxygen content below 65%, the oxygen groups on the easy food organization cancerous cells, thereby creating a hypoxic disease (cancer) study.

Dr. OttoHeinrichWarburg theory that healthy cells in the hypoxic environment, allows the cells to become cancer cells, but just lead to acidification of body fluids dissolved oxygen decline, He was a trial to prove the point, while the Nobel prize.

Habermas's theory of love is referred to as alkaline cells, the accumulation of acidic waste is usually near death, but there is willing to change the chromosome in order to survive in the acidic environment, this is the beginning of cancer.

Cancer prevention tips are very simple things as basic food in order to prevent the accumulation of acid waste, because the acidification of the fluid environment is fertile ground for normal cell cancerous, adjust the pH balance of body fluids, a Swiss scholars believe that the third species to prevent cancer effective way. Food capture cancer therapy combined with natural therapies.

Pills are artificial, food is God-made. So far there is no end because the pills cloth spread of cancer in the footsteps of the world, human beings because of cancer fears, are there really no way to eradicate cancer? The answer is no endogenous source of the disease are from our food, as people's living standards and improve gum, people eat a lot of acid into the food, so that fluid acidification, resulting in acidic, normal cells in the acidic body fluids can not survive, only variation that is cancerous.

Eradication of cancer only to change their body fluids from the start, changing the physical environment so that cancer cells did not survive the environment. Only a substantial increase in basic nutrition, can the body fluid acid-base balance, ultimately does not cure cancer. Water treatment using the latest natural therapies increase the capture of the world medical problem. We just try to save every life, not only now as we approach a patient in the deterioration of the body, continued to improve in a month, you see hope, to give every patient a new life. Cases have been eradicated, and there are better cases. To give yourself an opportunity for life to continue, so that love to save every patient.

Destroy cancer cells present in two ways: one is to kill cancer cells, that is, the traditional technology (up) treatment, this method not only kills cancer cells but also kill the good and the body more false, another method is to starve cancer cells, usually when the body cells of oxygen content below 65% of normal, oxygen-deficient cancer cells is easy, but just lead to acidification of body fluids dissolved oxygen decline, adjusted fluid acid-base balance, so that weak alkaline fluid to improve the body fluids of dissolved oxygen, thus destroying the living environment of cancer cells, eventually starve cancer cell

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Prospects for cancer gene therapy

Scientists need to know how to separate genes and inject dry (or source) of blood cells, thereby treating the immune and blood disorders

Scientists also need to find easier and better ways to deliver genes into the body. Effective treatment of cancer, AIDS and other diseases, they need to develop a patient's body can be injected directly into the carrier. These carriers must accurately enter the target cells throughout the body (such as cancer cells) and are embedded in the genes required for cell DNA.

Project is testing new carriers and new carriers including adenovirus and liposome. Adenovirus and various retroviruses can transfer genetic material to non-dividing cells (cells found in the lungs) in; liposome adhesion in some cells (including tumor cells), and the genes into these cells . Found in the two decades of cancer genes MYC, is one of the most difficult transition in human cancer gene expression, but in recent years, scientists began to solve complex role in the mechanism of MYC, and MYC function used in the treatment of inhibiting the development

MYC gene mutations and Xu common cancers, including breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer and melanoma. Come studies have found, MYC gene encoding the protein, combined with the 15% of all human genes. Scientists long believed that when the MYC binding to the target gene, will open and activate that gene.

However, according to a study published in the July No. ature Reviews Cancer of the new study, MYC and the genes are not activated when they are combined. And long-standing hypothesis on the role of MYC is not the same, but opened up a new MYC research directions.

The investigators, perhaps MYC binding to all cell types of a specific gene, but only in a particular organ in the activation of the gene.

For the MYC understanding that allows scientists to develop only the role of inhibition of MYC and better cancer drugs, that can reduce drug toxicity, and reduce side effects.

Cancer - 20, the psychological care of cancer patients

According to foreign literature, about 34% to 44% of cancer patients have significant psychological stress or mental disorder, of which 18% of patients meet the diagnosis of severe depressive episode. How to help alleviate the psychological burden of cancer patients, out of emotional distress, improve quality of life, a tumor, mental, psychological and other disciplines need to focus on one of the issues.

How cancer patients should have the psychological quality of it? Japan's leading medical expert Professor Itami: "fear of death and disease is very healthy mental, psychological fear is not that unusual. On the fear do not worry about it, the focus should be on the pursuit of a meaningful life. "encouraging cancer patients to live constructive and positive manner to achieve the cure of cancer and other chronic disease purposes.

People get sick after a series of mental activity will change in the patient's mental activity can be summed up with the following common characteristics:

(1)-dependent increase in passive increase, behavior becomes naive;

(2) enhanced self-esteem, ill health and believe that others should be the concern and care for their relatives to make contributions should be;

(3) increased suspicion or even that someone is whispering about his condition and so on;

(4) also showed: the subjective paresthesia, emotional irritability, anxiety and fear, fear of loneliness and so on;

Family members of cancer patients during cancer treatment is a very important aspect of patient care they care about the fine level is a key factor in rehabilitation of patients. Therefore, the cancer patient's family to try to do the following:

1, when the doctors confirm the patient and to inform the family illness, the family should strive to control their emotions, in a timely manner to doctors about the patient's overall situation, to stir up the important task of caring for patients and help doctors choose the best treatment to achieve satisfactory efficacy.

2, the patient's condition that will produce their own pessimism, fear and tension, and some even hold a negative attitude, refused treatment, waiting for death. Here family members to be patient persuasion, to help extricate patients from suffering and establish the confidence of victory over cancer, submit to treatment.

3, to pay great attention to diet to restore the patient to provide patients with a delicious, digestible, nutritious diet. Patients after surgery with radiotherapy and chemotherapy process, physical strength, loss of appetite, food allocation is particularly important, it can improve the body's immune system and cancer-fighting ability, is conducive to rehabilitation.

4, in treatment, the patient is very painful, some patients may be a great temperament, family members should be patient and understanding, sharing the suffering of patients, especially in patients with disease progression and even hopeless, the family should be given to the psychological comfort of patients and emotional support.

5, cancer treatment is a long process, in addition to treatment period, regularly go to hospital, family members of patients completing each follow-up to cope with.

Suggestion therapy can be direct, such as the above example is a direct hint; also in conjunction with other treatments, such as various drugs, physical therapy, qigong, etc., there is often accompanied by suggestion therapy can not think of the effect. Suggestion therapy can be divided into, "he suggested," that is implied by another person and "self-suggesting" that the patient himself to the notion of a hint to yourself. Some clinical experts found through imagination (self implied) can increase the number of immune cells, for various patients (cancer, large and small to the common cold) has a different effect. If the United States has a long neck cancer female patients, doctors determined that she could only live 3 months later in a medical psychological expert's suggestion, adopted the "imagination therapy", she sit on the bed, the heart No distracting thoughts and concentrate on imaginary neck cancer is a demon, and his body is brave white knight, is wielding a sword to the demon attack, and continue to be gradually wiped out demons. Imagine 2-3 times a day, a year later, the patient was scheduled to die, but miraculously recovered. According to U.S. experts, statistics, 159 were hospital announced that cancer patients live less than a year, Jing Guo thought therapy, Zuishao live for 20 months, 1 / 4, some or all of the patients back to health. Imagine the principle of therapy may be used between the brain and the immune system there is a connection, think of making improved immune function, effectively inhibited the progression of the disease. Now imagine therapy treatment in a foreign country has become "ill" the necessary prescription, this prescription at least to overcome the disease in patients with increased confidence, relieve mental stress, recovery is undoubtedly useful.

Use of suggestion therapy, there must be medical psychology expert guidance, must not be misused; In addition, the doctor's language, facial expressions and other means of course can be a hint for the treatment of disease, but hinted that bad but can have serious consequences; In addition, the implied treatment for different people may produce different results.

Transfer of the patient's attention. Patients often focus on illness and can have adverse emotional issues,

If the economic burden, child support, elderly care, interpersonal relationships. Depending on the circumstances, to encourage patients to cultivate

Corresponding hobbies, such as flowers, raising birds, calligraphy, art, etc., will shift their focus to

Love interest in the past, bad mood will gradually improve.

Psychological support for cancer patients, especially for patients timid, afraid to disturb the doctor's patients to ask questions, easy access to harmful information of patients. Family members to cancer patients for psychological support, to provide patients with the testing, diagnosis, treatment side effects, prognosis, medical expenses and other information. Discuss with patients the disease may be caused by a strong negative emotional response, as far as possible to mobilize different social support system to help patients. Overcome the adverse emotional reaction of the measures to eliminate some of the wrong understanding of the patient, and give some assurance and support to patients of cancer and its treatment to reduce the emergence of maladaptation.

In patients with psychological support, family members should adjust their attitude, know how to face the patient; how to understand the patient's emotional response; how clinicians and patients with good communication. Necessary, patients may appear to the doctors to understand the various psychological and behavioral reactions to produce a variety of psychological and behavioral reactions cause various negative psychological and behavioral understanding of the various principles.

Drug treatment: through the use of anti-coke virtual, antidepressants, antipsychotics, or anesthetics, etc., to reduce those who have secondary cancer diagnosis or treatment of adjustment disorders, severe focal deficiency, severe depression, schizophrenia, pain , nausea and vomiting, and insomnia. Family members should help establish the correct way of knowing the patient and the Church of patients to correct behavior. Help patients to change due to cancer diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation period of cognitive and bad behavior bad. Allows patients to learn effective psychological coping styles, the skills to solve always, so that patients can successfully solve a variety of real life problems. How to cope with chemotherapy side effects occur, how to shape the face of post-resection changes. Often discussed with the patient, in which patients express all their issues of concern to the disease and disease-related expression of fear, sadness, anger and other emotions are used. Since most cancer patients are a "C" personality characteristics and obstacles, they often lack the expression of their own fear, anxiety, and they often feel lonely, and often left alone to face with all kinds of fears. Cancer patients should be given to provide a good atmosphere, so that they express all the feelings and concerns and receive emotional support. Family members should encourage patients to share more with the sufferers, through exchanges between sufferers, in which patients learn how to face various problems. And through exchange between the patient and help each other and encouraging each other to improve the character of patients to maintain a good attitude. A clear diagnosis and begin treatment of cancer, early psychological support the patient, so patients can be improved

Quality of life and survival.

Recurrence of the cancer patients to the psychological protection of recurrence of cancer patients most fear to do, often caused by trauma to the patient than in the initial diagnosis of cancer when the more serious. As the patient has insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety symptoms, and is again, this patient's depression is more serious. Some patients have fallen into deep despair, that will not heal themselves. In response, family members should be patient should the patient made it clear, there is hope that the cure for cancer recurrence, which can not lose faith. In addition, families can not lose faith, and to their hope from the words, expressions unconsciously reveal to post, so patients and their families and contacts, you can be inspired from, feel hope. Doctors should be prepared for the patient treatment program once again. Family members to encourage patients to continue to do something for the treatment, and should strive to help patients psychologically adapt to cancer recurrence.