Nod disease

Nod disease

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African countries, the emergence of a southern Sudan is considered probably the world's newest and most bizarre of the disease appear. As the extremely rare, scientists can not even give it a formal name. Where the villagers every day struggle with poverty and disease tenacious. For them, fever, abdominal distention, chronic diarrhea and other diseases has long been routine, but really they are afraid of it become popular in recent years, a strange "nodding disease", due to disease, the patients kept nodding the locals call it "nodding disease." The patients are mostly children, and there is no cure. The disease has become a local "short-lived," the culprit.

Nod disease - Introduction

Nod disease

This disease is very rare. Once children suffering from the disease, he or she seems to be developing complete and permanent disruption. Brain development will also be affected, resulting in patients with mental retardation. Cause illness in patients with pathological nod so sick of this disease has been called the nod. When the patient began to feel cold to eat or when it will fall ill. Patients with these conditions appeared immediately began nodding. But the short time of onset in the children stop eating or feel warm again when the seizures will stop. But, this disease is very special, because patients eat unfamiliar foods, such as lollipops seemed to not cause a manic episode. Severe spasticity may lead to children sound of a crash course fell to the ground, causing further damage.

Nod Disease - Symptoms

From the symptoms point of view, "nodding disease" in children is usually a time after dinner episode, it refuses to write from the head of patients, could not stop, "nodded." Ill before the growth and development of children well, but the disease, they will gradually start anorexia, more seriously, the children's brain and body also will basically stop the development, until they eventually killed by this strange disease life. A person with "nodding disease" 18-year-old youth is usually only 12-year-old children appear to figure and thinking ability. Therefore, the locals do not let this kind of "nod child," go to school, neighbors saw the plague as they met the general, to avoid fear.

In addition, because local people are used to barbecue food in the wild, some insensitive, uncoordinated limb "nod child," always will be the fire burns on and even claimed lives. 8-year-old "nod children," Jackson Yakuba seems to have dementia, not long ago, he is in their own kitchen by the fire and burned the thigh, had access to a local hospital for surgery Nistelrooy.

Nod disease - Case

Dr. Lechler sorghum syrup to a bowl placed in front of Suzanne, one to eat as long as Susanna, and she almost immediately began to "nod", but she stopped to eat, head no longer o'clock. The people even more strange is that if Susanna eat things that do not eat, like chocolate, she would not have any reaction.

Susanna 8-year-old brother Jacob also suffers from the same disease, because of his illness is in development stage, is now crowded lui hospital. The spirit of Jacob looked confused, unresponsive, short stature. Unable to endure torture, he even had self-immolation. After treatment, the legs still have several serious injuries.

An hour's drive from the town of Lui Daemadi town is considered "nodding disease" of the source of the disease, 12% of village children are infected with this disease.

Last year, the World Health Organization experts have done some of these children, nerve scan, after some examination, experts confirmed that this is a very rare disease. 12-year-old Nicholas is painfully Rubens center of the village stood, his "nodding disease", he suddenly snapped. He felt as if attack was according to his head, has been pressure to the chest. Father, Reuben, said: "Every day, he attacks three times. Has the disease, his height growth has slowed down. His brother in August has died of 'nodding disease'."

Nod disease - Situation

"Nodding disease" known to the world thanks to hospital work in Nistelrooy Cun, a Church of Yisheng Walunkupo, he had noted 10 years ago the disease. With more and more cases of contact, Cooper started in 1990 called on the international medical experts to the Sudan where the "child nodded."

World Health Organization medical experts have in-depth field research by Rui village 3 times, hoping to find the "nodding disease" in the etiology and treatment, but they are the only conclusion drawn is "This is a never seen before Case. " Even many years engaged in "nodding disease" of the UNICEF expert Richard McKee has had to admit, "This is an issue that we need to address the problem."

However, according to the available conditions, the experts made their different estimate. Some experts believe that "nodding disease" may be related to the local people's diet. Rui villagers were mostly the property of a bean when eating foods that contain beans a pathogenic toxin, when the village children with their thin fingers dirty plates from the grasping take beans, they may be swallowing a deadly "poison"; Some experts believe that, "nodding disease" is perhaps the locals eat food relief due to deterioration; some experts believe that this strange disease may be associated with the local people eating monkey meat related; there are some medical experts believe that, "nodding disease" may cause high local incidence of blindness, cancer and other diseases cause similar. The latter two diseases have been confirmed by a kind of local "black fly" bites, "the black flies," the pathogens into human body, spreading pathogens, causing blindness or suffering from cancer patients. Is puzzling that the blind and the tumor is also seen in the two diseases in some other countries in Africa, but the "nodding disease" only in the jungle village in southern Sudan, pop. It appears that the medical profession should be proved, "nodding disease" cause and remedy, it would need time.

Nod disease - Experts comment

The United Nations announced toxicology report has been ruled out, "nodding disease" with local restaurants or food manufacturers have the possibility of any association. It is also suspected of the disease may be associated with eating contaminated monkey meat, or even this issue was linked with the international relief supplies, some locals admit that they had eaten the seeds of the international donor community, as seed for planting and not for eating, so the above is coated with a layer of toxic substances.

Dr. Lechler has a different view may be, she said all the victims are concentrated around the ieri River. She also pointed out that 93% of those surveyed were infected with a can cause onchocerciasis (also known as riverblindness) of the parasite. Infected with the parasite but not "nod" compared to 63% of the victims. Simuliidae (black flies) carrying the parasite. Simuliidae can flow faster in the rivers (such as ieri River) near the large population. Does the parasite is "nodding disease" in southern Sudan prevalent culprit? Scientists acknowledged that solve "nodding disease" mystery, take some time.

Nod disease - reference

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Cause still unknown strange disease 10

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As technology advances, scientists have investigated the pathogenesis of many diseases, but there are still many patients confuse the cause, let alone cure. Here are 10 types of unknown causes or at least people of varying views of causes strange disease, they are mostly very rare, the common symptoms that are unusual. >>> Into the technical Wikipedia

Head explosion explosive disorder disease in patients with head and sometimes through the head from his or her own terrible noise, the sound is often described as an explosion, roar, beating the waves rock sound, great voice, or is loud noise. This sound asleep often occurred in 1,2 hours, but not the result of a dream, when awake may also occur. Patients feel a very loud voice, that voice is usually not accompanied by pain. Over time, the frequency of the disease appears to be changing, from a few days or several weeks become months of onset of seizures. Disease onset patients often feel fear and anxiety, increased heart rate will follow. Explosion causes brain disease has been a mystery, although some doctors report that the disease or extreme fatigue and stress related. The disease onset in life, perhaps, women more vulnerable to disease than men.

Khan Khan fever is a fever there have been British, then spread to Europe, the mysterious and deadly epidemics. The first outbreak in 1485, the last outbreak in 1551, seems to disappear after. This short and rapid onset of the disease, can cause death within hours. The cause of disease is the disease most mysterious places. Past and present, critics argue that garbage and sewage were the culprit, because they may conceal the source of infection. Khan Wars of the Roses at the end of the first outbreak of fever means that the disease could be brought from France by the French mercenary. These mercenaries are Henry VIII to get a magic weapon for the British throne, especially those who seem to have immunity Khan fever. The rich in this disease seems more prevalent than in the poor implies the fact that at that time than any other disease with the disease causes more concern.

Peru meteor illness the disease appeared in September 15, 2007 carrancas meteorite landed. A huge meteorite crashed in Peru near the town of carrancas, close to the Bolivian border and the shores of Lake Titicaca. This fall punched a hole in scorched the surrounding land. Local 马克利马奇 said: "The water began to spill boiling crater, meteorite found near the people of small stones and ash particles. Pit the pungent smell and poisonous gas." Occurred after the fall, the villagers approached the crater felt very uncomfortable, and later suffered from unexplained illnesses, there are many symptoms, including vomiting. Others think that these symptoms may be the result of arsenic poisoning, arsenic in local water evaporating due to face red-hot meteorite, but a short causing the mysterious disease that has no scientific evidence of causes.

This disease is very rare nod disease. Once children suffering from the disease, he or she seems to be developing complete and permanent disruption. Brain development will also be affected, resulting in patients with mental retardation. Cause illness in patients with pathological nod so sick of this disease has been called the nod. When the patient began to feel cold to eat or when it will fall ill. Patients with these conditions appeared immediately began nodding. But the short time of onset in the children stop eating or feel warm again when the seizures will stop. But, this disease is very special, because patients eat unfamiliar foods, such as lollipops seemed to not cause a manic episode. Severe spasticity may lead to children sound of a crash course fell to the ground, causing further damage.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, some patients experienced contact with their view because the electromagnetic field caused by medical problems. Although the electromagnetic field on the human body have been identified, but patients report electromagnetic hypersensitivity, their electromagnetic safety standards lower than the value of the magnetic field of the electromagnetic radiation reaction. Most found that electromagnetic hypersensitivity can not distinguish whether they were exposed to the real electromagnetic field electromagnetic field, or false. Although individual patients that is the electromagnetic hypersensitivity believe that electromagnetic fields generated by common appliances can trigger or worsen their symptoms. However, these magnetic field in the cause of allergies can not determine what role. In 2005, the World Health Organization declared that because of exposure to electromagnetic fields caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity is no scientific basis.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome were nausea, vomiting and sometimes abdominal pain and (or) periodic migraine headaches or seizures. The disease usually occurs in childhood, although usually to the end of adolescence, but some people can continue into adulthood. The disease may attack at any age but usually occurs in childhood. Nausea or vomiting, the patient may per hour 6 to 12 times, an attack may last several hours to 3 weeks. Some people may be difficult to imagine how one can vomit so long, because at the beginning of vomiting when the stomach is emptied. Even spit acid, bile and blood. Cyclic vomiting syndrome can cause sleep, lack the normal diet and an inability to concentrate. At present the causes of cyclic vomiting syndrome is still uncertain, there is no diagnostic test on the disease.

Morgellons Morgellons symptoms include a feeling there are bugs crawling, biting, and bite, skin or skin from the discovery of fibers and the skin covered with sores of strange diseases. Some of the current scientific opinion is Morgellons is not a new disease, only known diseases and a new name is misleading. Including the skin specialists and psychiatrists, including most doctors believe that Morgellons is a well-known disease, including delusional parasitosis, including a disease, although some health experts believe that Morgellons is a special disease may be confirmed by future research. Under the microscope, the researchers found, including skin diseases thousands of root hairs may be produced by the body fat (but not recognized as a typical human hair), but not man-made or from the plant. A New Mexico physician reported that a former intelligence agent told him the disease is caused by the French, he said: "A government-mandated test polluted water. Drinking Evian water, people have the risk."

Stiff person syndrome stiff man syndrome is a strange and rare disease, occurring at any time make muscle spasm in patients with serious, sometimes even lying on the ground can make people sound of a crash caused by natural fractures. Stiff person syndrome is the occurrence of the body and limbs, muscle stiffness volatility, and easy to noise, touch and emotional grief allergies, muscle cramps. Often bowing down and rigid posture abnormal characteristics of this disease. With stiff person syndrome may be unable to even walk, or they may be afraid to leave the room, because including horn noise may lead to streets, including their incidence and fall to the ground. In the stiff man syndrome patients, male patients, female patients are twice.

The twentieth century disease, also known as the twentieth century disease chemical allergy. The twentieth century the disease was described as a result of chronic exposure to trace chemicals or other substances in the modern human environment caused by side effects of chronic diseases. Suspicious material, including dust, pesticides, plastics, synthetic fabrics, deodorizing products, petroleum products and paints. The strange thing is certain double-blind trial showed that patients with chemical sensitivities is not actually a response to the chemicals, but in non-double-blind trial, they believe themselves when in contact with chemicals cause allergic reactions. Because the disease is still a mystery, in addition to it, or Julianne Moore starring in 1995 film "safe" in focus.

Gulf War syndrome Gulf War syndrome Gulf War of 1991 soldiers who reported a disease, symptoms including immune system disorders and birth defects. The disease is related to service the Gulf War or Gulf War veterans is the prevalence higher than the others remains unknown. Many symptoms of this syndrome, including chronic fatigue, muscle control, headaches, dizziness and balance loss, memory problems, muscle and joint pain, indigestion, skin problems, shortness of breath and even insulin resistance. Although the causes of Gulf War syndrome is still unknown, but there are still some argument surfaced, for example, the soldiers injected anthrax vaccines, depleted uranium has been used or exposed to a variety of bombing destroyed chemical weapons. Moreover, on the argument due to unknown pathogens.