Werewolf syndrome

Werewolf syndrome

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Werewolf syndrome refers to excess body hair, children suffering from this disease if the president was a great size, color dark, hairy stripes covering their faces.

Werewolf Syndrome - Introduction

Thai 7-year-old girl laugh on life, "I do not care to be called the wolf-cub"

Congenital generalized hirsutism (congenital generalized hypertrichosis, CGH), commonly known as "Werewolf syndrome" (werewolf syndrome), is an extremely rare genetic disorder. Werewolf disease "very low probability of illness, disease probability of only one billion. Werewolf disease or congenital systemic hirsutism is an extremely rare congenital disease. Earlier in patients with congenital generalized hirsutism In order to avoid the eyes of others and contempt strange, often choose to stay at home during the day, only at night when few people before going out. with patients like the legendary werewolf, as has excessive hair, but no sharp teeth and claws People began to wolf these unfortunate people and linked with the disease and will have a "werewolf syndrome" or "werewolf syndrome" This is more popular name. According to medical records show that since 1648 found The first case of "werewolf" since patients, only 50 were diagnosed with the disease. medical experts that the "werewolf syndrome" is a "back to the ancient" phenomenon, hirsutism genes have a human body " lost genes ", when the ancient hair on the human or primates, the body on the presence of such genes, but gradually evolved humans, this gene became no longer necessary, they begin to mutate and" Close. "

Werewolf syndrome - Case

Mexico's Danny, a werewolf of 5 people suffer from disease

Congenital generalized hirsutism extremely rare, with only 50 from the Middle Ages since records on such cases. It is recorded that King Henry II of France had already appeared in court this werewolf. King Henry the strange appearance of human innate and singular variation of the high degree of interest, 1547 looks like half-human beast of a 10-year-old boy as a gift to King Henry. In addition to the lips and eyes, the boys body covered with up to 4 feet thick, golden hair. The boy's name than Pedro Gonzales, born in the Canary Islands (Canary Islands). Pedro married a lovely French woman, and became the father of many children, including his five children have also inherited his congenital genetic defects. Regard the painting had a lot of painting on the theme of this strange family, until now there are still a number of oil paintings hanging in Austria, Innsbruck (Innsbruck) near the Ambras Castle (Ambras Castle) in the.

Since then, in China, Poland, Germany, Russia and Mexico have seen in this werewolf.

In recent years the media have reported few more cases of "werewolf syndrome" patients.

British media reported that 7-year-old girl in Bangkok, Thailand 苏帕特拉萨 Sufen of a new born, he was diagnosed with a condition known as "Werewolf syndrome" a rare genetic disorder, causing her entire back and face are thick black hair covering.

According to the mother Suomu Fen said when she first saw the birth of daughter, was almost fainting in the past. Suo Mufen recalled: "During pregnancy, I have done a B-, a doctor said I was pregnant with the children seem to have many hairs, but we all thought it was just thick hair only. Later, I will be his daughter by Caesarean Health , I was completely shocked when I cry. [1]

British "News of the World" report, a man called "Jesus" the man by the family history, werewolf suffering from a rare disease, his face covered with thick hair, Huang Ru Wolf asked the World. [2]

ABC reported that the 23-year-old Danny Ramos, Susana Gomez, a Mexican man with a rare birth and hirsutism, the body had been covered by thick black hair, looks like the legendary terrorist, "the wolf people. " It is learned that Danny's family at least five generations with this rare disease. Danny's grandmother, while not suffering from hirsutism, but she carried the mutation gene and pass it to their children. Currently, Danny Gegelali, cousin Lily and Carla, sister Dzhami, Daniela 6-year-old niece, who are suffering from various degrees of "werewolf syndrome." [3]

Werewolf syndrome - etiology

"Jesus" and his daughter

Research on human regressive atavistic style very familiar with other genetic behavior. In some rare cases, some people grow up over the nipple, also chairman of the spine end of the body similar to the tail of the conflict. Both parents can control the symptoms of congenital defects hairy gene to their offspring and their offspring will inherit their parents will be half of this defective gene. Typical situation is: embryo in the mother's body will lose the end of the seventh months were fine body hair called lanugo. The congenital generalized hirsutism babies born with body hair intact baby born will occasionally have hairs fall off in adulthood, but this is typically associated with hair in their lives.

Mexico Biomedical Research Center, Dr. 路易斯菲古拉 hirsutism experts to study the "werewolf syndrome" 20 years old, he said: "The 'werewolf syndrome' and the moon and the wolf is no, but with genes . "Over the years, Figura from Danny's family have collected a blood sample, hoping to identify genes hirsutism. Figura said: "This type of family hirsutism are rare, as far as I know, the whole world at present only two or three families suffering from this rare disease."

Figura that the "werewolf syndrome" is a return to ancient phenomenon, hirsutism gene was the human body a kind of "lost genes." Ancient times when the hair on the human or primates, the body on the presence of such genes, but gradually evolved humans, this gene became no longer necessary, they begin to mutate and "off." Danny's family, however, somehow, their bodies are "closed" hirsutism gene was now "open to the."

Werewolf syndrome - Treatment

"Jesus," a

Ancient Westerners believe that Belladonna can be treated, "werewolf disease." Belladonna (belladonn), the name comes from Italian, means "beautiful woman", the Renaissance, the nobility of women with small doses of belladonna eye drops to enlarge the pupil, to seem more beautiful. However, this practice is very dangerous because a small dose can make the pupil cramps, large doses will cause death. Roman 11th century Scottish historian and are recorded using this plant to poison the enemy's example. In Europe earlier, the stigma is dry such things naturally fall witch head. However, as there are double-edged sword, Belladonna is also used as herbal medicine for centuries, mainly to stimulate the central nervous system production of atropine. The ancient Europeans believe that it is also beneficial in fighting disease treatment werewolf. Folk story that normal people would become after being bitten werewolf werewolf, the only way is to wear a moonstone in body and before the next full moon to take adequate doses of belladonna. Of course, most people follow suit is yet to become a werewolf on the first expired.

Strip said they produced "SOTHYSPOST DEPILATORY SOFTENING CARE CREAM" beauty cream, hair growth with a slowing effect of phenol shrub (LarreaDiVaricata), inhibition of high-quality hair and density of hair birth rebirth Metro metabolism of urea, also contains Spirulina water rich basis for a kind of sugar, protein and vitamins of the algae, and in hot wax hair removal after IPL nourish the skin, providing moisture for the skin to prevent "werewolf disease." [4]

But experts believe that the current medical standards do not eliminate the "werewolf syndrome" approach. Supatela has done several laser hair removal surgery, but only 3 days after surgery, her hair has full back. In addition, the nose was covered with hair lead to narrowed nasal cavity, nasal cavity Supatela also made several plastic surgery in order to breathe. Home It is hoped that future medical advances, it can get rid of the Supatela find a permanent method of body hair.

Werewolf disease in the study, scientists found that hirsutism There are several different types of patients with congenital hairy body hair is not color, fine soft, dense growth, associated with human life. Nevoid hirsutism patients of a spot or a place of dense, president of the excessive body hair, but normal body hair around the spot will be around. Hirsutism is acquired after they were born there in person, it will appear different from before birth to those of other types of hirsutism.

Congenital generalized terminal hair growing disease (congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis, CGHT) is an autosomal dominant inheritance can express the CGH, often accompanied by gingival hyperplasia and abnormal facial features. By the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences - Beijing Union Medical College Professor Zhang Xue-led coalition team, genetics research, from molecular level to understand the pathogenesis CGHT bring unique research perspective.

Xue and his collaborators were first collected three autosomal dominant inheritance of the Chinese people CGHT family and a risk of severe gingival hyperplasia CGHT distributed with the individual; followed by whole genome scan will CGHT genetic loci to the chromosome 17q24.2-q24.3 region; further application of genome-wide copy number detection, fluorescence quantitative PCR and interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and many other advanced technology to determine the copy number of chromosome 17q24.2-q24.3 mutation with or without gingival hyperplasia CGHT have played a decisive role. In three different regions CGHT from the family, each individual were accordingly more hair down the length of the range of genetic genomic DNA deletion; the distribution of the individual is carrying a new hair, the length of nearly 1.43 million base pairs of genomic DNA Dao position to repeat.

Professor Zhang Xue stressed: "Our work is a clear CGHT genomic disease (genomic disorder). However, from the discovery of copy number of chromosome 17q24.2-q24.3 CGHT mutations to clarify the molecular mechanism still has a long way to go. "[5]

Werewolf syndrome - Discrimination

Thailand Supatela adorable 7-year-old girl, is a member of the school cheerleading

Supatela: by "plucking competition" humiliation

When parents Supatela take home, meet their neighbors but are terrified eyes and gossip. In particular, strangers often Supatela wanton ridicule ridicule, make an extremely awful. Naive children are often bullied Supatela, even repeatedly tugged at her, "plucking game" - the hair on her face abruptly to pull down the competition to see who pulled more.

Mother Suomu Fen, said: "If no one's hair, she is an ordinary child. But when people first saw her, always loudly exclaimed, and then the side Didigugu. These moves are really very sad. After her daughter was born a long time, I dare not take her out. but her father Samulunge very strong and often take her out and never worry about how people think, because he loves her. "

"Jesus": that being the curse

Marriage and procreation have three children, has been the "Jesus" is destined bumpy road development, he recalled, said: "When I was young, people are made fun of me, some people even think that I was cursed, and now they will be screaming at me 'Jesus' coming! in the evening, the response will be more poor people, because my hair looked more Diablo, who is really ignorant. encountered this embarrassing situation, a child simply cried, now with drinking and Smoking forget being rejected and humiliated. "

Denny Family: The exhibition in a cage

Danny and the same with "werewolf syndrome" Gegelali born to suffer discrimination, they have also the same as the monster was carried out in a cage traveling exhibition. Only later, a circus owner's son kept all Kamu Bo persuade his father to learn to perform magic, swing and other circus, they just freed from the cage.

In addition to whole body covered with hair, the same as Danny and others, normal, and wherever he will be viewed as a "monster." Danny's circus partner Beiditanpa said: "They took him as a wolf, as people from another world, and continues to insult him. Some people even like wolves howl to him."

Werewolf syndrome - life

Danny and his girlfriend Lucy

Supatela: never low self-esteem, like going to school

Despite the ridicule suffered bullying, but Supatela still grow into a confident and lively little girl. As we age, Supatela sunny personality won the goodwill of neighbors, and ultimately accepted by the community. Supatela never feel inferior because of their appearance, and the other 7-year-old girl, Supatela like to eat McDonald's, watching cartoons.

At school, Supatela love sports, not just the second game running the class, but also a member of the school cheerleaders. The teachers introduced Supatela very creative in learning, and very smart. Supatela said: "I do not care someone else will I have called the 'wolf girls' do. I like to go to school, and many friends. I hope to keep learning, so that I can grow up to become a university teacher." Mothers som Fen said: "She is a perfectly normal child, sometimes naughty, just the same age girls."

"Jesus": hard work

"Jesus" often face the people look weird, but he never so demean themselves, but that his unusual appearance is a special gift of God. Now he is working in a hotel, only the employer to see his look of a shaking its head. As the laser treatment and electrolysis is not too dangerous little effect, "Jesus," now often shaved to keep the hotel temporary jobs.

Danny: With girlfriend

While Danny in life suffered discrimination and ridicule, but he won the love of children, they will figure him as a fairy tale. Whenever Danny performing, the children were cheering. In addition, the love of God does not discriminate against him. Danny now has a 21-year-old girlfriend Lucy, who had lived together for three years.

Werewolf syndrome - werewolf legends and movies

Werewolves in Western films

Werewolf Legend

Most of today's description of the werewolf movies from Hollywood, in fact, long before the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that werewolves exist. According to legend, the ancient continent of Europe the outbreak of plague, people have died, in a village named Corvinus of young people saw such horrors, in order to survive the plague out of trouble himself through the inspiration of the origin of life, Then only he survived. Corvinus descendants a total of three, unfortunately, three of the one being bitten by bats infected with a virus, and the other was infected with a virus of the wolf bite, only one is a complete form as a human being survived, two of his brothers contracted the virus mutate as one ancestor of a vampire, a werewolf, another ancestor. From werewolves and vampires will be in Europe to spread.

Handed down from ancient Europe, countless devil, Satan, the most famous addition to the vampire and the werewolf is outside the. All the legends about vampires has long been known to the general public, but the werewolf for the Chinese people, it is unfamiliar. In the main, the wolf is evil spells that people are against the common man, beast into these unfortunate people who established Julang legs, eat raw meat and blood, every full moon when they will be facing the full moon Kuanghao; there Some human beings because of their dark soul with evil desires and become a werewolf on their own initiative, is to put on skins, the wolf footprints in the water and so on. Ancient Europeans also generally considered to be directly werewolf bites off the man will become werewolves, vampires that were bitten with the human will become much like the legend of vampires.

According to European folklore, the werewolf is a person who can be deformed, he could freely or involuntarily turned into a wolf. After deformation, it will be difficult to eat home-made or animal raw living, and will at the moon Zhang Hao. Back in prehistoric, ancient cultures around the world, there are various legends about werewolves. "Change wolf mad" is a mental disorder illness, patients think they are wolves, from the Greek word "lykos" and "anthropos", respectively "Wolf" and "human." In the pagan society, the wolf is respected animals, they are clever and have wisdom, but also a clever hunter. Pagan warrior cult of the wolf god, like Phi Coyote, wearing Spike, that such access to the power of the wolf.

Werewolf video

Taken in 1981, "American Werewolf in London" as a light comedy to laugh at the tone described the terrorist werewolf theme and a great success, it is worth mentioning that the film director John Landis was another shooting the "innocent blood", which is a description "the French Vampire in America" story. Film industry is a large commercial system, need all kinds of movies, then became Hollywood's favorite werewolf, a series of werewolf movie theme emerging. Hollywood film "Werewolf force" Although the low budget B grade film, but rely on the success of this old-fashioned werewolf murder plot to create a rhythm of pressing, and the scene to stimulate tension, always keep the audience nervous tension. There is no doubt that the film star who is a ferocious wolf, favorite film is the same old stuff, and even had a bowl of leftovers from the Roman era. Werewolf its atrocious reputation, in a film and television works as the Department of villain. Even in the famous sci-fi TV series "X Files" have played werewolf.

By far the most moving film is a werewolf film in 1941's "Werewolf (The Wolf Man)". Larry for saving lives of young British were werewolf bite, and soon he became a werewolf attack their friends or even start their own love of the girl, while awake in vain tried to stop his own murder, he told his relatives , friends, and even surrendered to the police station, but no one believe that he is werewolf, he became recognized as a madman. So whenever the moon is high time, people for the terrible killer and fear, while the werewolves are mercilessly out of control to start a new round of killings. Larry caught in the middle of good and evil suffered torment, because of the tough vitality of werewolves, he can not even commit suicide successfully. Finally, a garden party, Larry once again become a werewolf, this time its goal is to Larry's sweetheart. Threw himself on the girl in the werewolf when Larry's father killed with a silver cane his son. When the film's end, a gypsy seer Mali Wa dying werewolf out of the crowd made for the final prayer, proclaiming that his suffering has ended. According to records at the time, cinema audiences are all misfortune to Larry sigh tears.

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